When to walk away

Ready for the dramatics?

Sometimes I take such a long break from updating the ol’ blog that when I sit down to write a new post I don’t even know where to start. Things I haven’t talked about on here are already old news in my real life so it seems silly to bring up old news.

That said, since I talked ad nauseum about the Disney Marathon I suppose I at least owe it to the 5 of you who care to let you know that we decided not to run it. The reason stemmed from a bunch of little events that kind of blew up and really helped sway the final decision. There was the largest factor: Josh and I both felt on the brink of serious injury. I’ve run enough to know the difference between growing pains and real injury and what was going on with my thigh was not right. In the weeks following our decision my leg has felt MUCH better. The other factors in play had to do with money (of course), the fact that we were not having fun with running like we once did, and Josh’s school starting the day after the marathon ends. It just felt like it wasn’t meant to be. So it’s not happening and we are A-ok with it.Check out this website on Paleo Leap

What else is going on? Well Weight Watchers is still going well. I had fluke week with only a 0.2lb lost with a credit to factors beyond my control (if you know what I mean) and the fact that I severely stepped back my workouts. I don’t feel discouraged so much as annoyed but I am using that week’s weigh in to propel me into something bigger next Wednesday.


(4pt grilled chicken salad with a side of 3pt roasted sweet potatoes)

The other day I received notice from my hosting company that it is time for my yearly renewal of the Knack For Nutrition domain. At first I thought “no brainer” bill away! Then I received the bill and realized that the overhead of keeping a site running that brings me no legitimate income is pretty silly since money is always tight. I really don’t mind that I make no money off my blog, I never thought I would to begin with but I have to be practical.

This led to a 3 month trial renewal and the start of the end of Knack For Nutrition. Once my three months are up I will be shutting down this blog and likely (though not definitely) starting a new one that doesn’t place a financial burden on my wallet. Also, I think it is time for a little re-branding. I barely talk about nutrition these days so the name just isn’t working for me anymore.

I promise to share all the details as I decide them and pray you won’t leave me in the dust (or out of your Feedly) once I make the jump!


See ya real soon!

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My Favorite Weight Loss Tips

I hope you all had a nice Halloween and didn’t splurge on too much candy! We picked up two bags at the very last minute yesterday (so it wasn’t hanging out at home with me) and set up a nice little station on the porch for trick-or-treaters. I was looking forward to handing out candy for the very first time but, as luck would have it, the weather took a severe turn for the worse and we only had 2 kids stop by all night! Josh is under strict instructions to get all of the candy OUT of this house today! I had my four little pieces (1pt each) and declared it enough!


Since we are rapidly approaching the holiday season, or in it if you choose to look at it that way, I thought I would share some of my favorite tips and tricks of weight loss. In our Weight Watchers meeting on Wednesday some of the lifetime members came up to the front of the class and shared what has worked for them and helped them not only meet their goal weight, but stay there. These tips, coupled with a few that I have implemented since joining, seem to really help so I thought it was worth sharing!

1. If you bite it, write it. – Tracking is SO important, as is writing down the portion you are consuming. Tracking “popcorn” is not equivalent to tracking “3 cups of popcorn.” The WW app forces you to add in portions, which is good for someone like me, but if you keep a paper food journal be extra diligent about staying honest with yourself! One of the lifetime members in class mentioned that she has tracked every day since meeting her goal weight and credits it with keeping her accountable.

2. Shake up your exercise routine – I am guilty of doing the same ol’ workout every time i go to the gym but lately I have really been trying to push myself out of my comfort zone. At the end of the day it is all about calories but it definitely can’t hurt to keep your body guessing. Plus, you may find something you like! :)

3. Sneak in a little more movement – If exercise isn’t your thing, I get it. Not everyone loves to “feel the burn” but making a small change to just move around a little more can make a big difference(or so they say). I believe this if for no other reason than your body has to burn calories when you are expending energy moving around versus chilling in a chair.

3. Portion control, portion control, portion control – My nemesis. I am a volume eater, always have been and always will be. When I get fed up with my weight, this is one of the first steps I take to get in control again. My measuring spoons now live in the same draw as my silverware so that I have no excuse not to use them.

4. Eat the least processed item on the menu when ordering at a restaurant - This was another tip I picked up at my meeting and it really stuck with me. The less processed the food, the less chance the restaurant probably had to doctor it up with cheese, oil, and whatever other hidden calorie bombs they can find.

So those are some of the tips I picked up from my meeting along with what I have been implementing in my day to day life. I am three weeks into the program and feeling like my old self again! I have lost weight at every weight in. I hesitate to even write about how I’ve been doing because I don’t want to jinx myself. :)

Do you have any other tips to share?

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It’s been nearly a week since my last post and I have not a clue where the time has gone. I’ve been trying new things, sticking to my Weight Watchers plan, and living a little more outside the blog. That said, in looking back over the past few days there are definitive highs and lows.

The Good:

- My sister found her wedding dress! We spent all Saturday afternoon in a bridal shop about 45 minutes outside of Pittsburgh and it was so surreal seeing my big sister in a bridal gown. I can’t believe we’ve hit the age where this is the norm. My mom came into town for the occasion as well, so we had a really fun girls weekend.


(After she said “yes” to the dress!)

- My blogging buddy Ashley stopped by Pittsburgh on her way back to DC last night to grab dinner with me! It was so so so good to see a familiar face!


I miss her already!

-Sunday night my guy and I blasted some tunes and carved pumpkins! We are about the least crafty people you’ll ever meet so this was pretty monumental for us. I made a cute little ghost and had a great time doing something festive.


The Bad:

-As soon as I took this picture of my breakfast this morning I walked over to my desk to sit down, eat, and work simultaneously as I do most workday mornings. Except, rather than putting my plate on the desk like a normal person, it flew out of my hands and landed facedown on my keyboard.

I was so upset! Ha! I was HANGRY and did not have time to make a new breakfast before beginning my workday. My guy painstakingly fished my breakfast out of the keyboard while I typed away on my laptop. <3 him.


(My perfectly doomed 6PT breakfast.)

The Ugly:

- I made it 4 miles into my long run yesterday before calling it quits. My right thigh was not cooperating and I am watching my marathon ambitions dwindle once again. I am kind of coming to terms with it (the notion that this just may not be “meant to be’), but I will need to make a serious decision soon. I will definitely be upset for a time but I know that what is meant to be will be.


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The one in which I refuse to be injured

I have a problem. Well, a problem and a nagging pain in my upper right thigh. It came on gradually over the last few weeks and I’ve RICE’d (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate) my little heart out to no avail. I think it is just a strain. I went from 0 miles to 18 a week rather quickly, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, right? I have 12 miles on the agenda this weekend and I would love to say that I am looking forward to it but in all actuality I am scared. Scared I will do something more damaging that will take me out of the workout game completely.


(My favorite trail in Pittsburgh so far!)

I am full of doubt in my ability to do this marathon. It is something I want deeply and think about constantly. But what if my body just isn’t up to it? What then? I have a lot to think about I suppose. I may try to do 8 or so miles this weekend and see how I feel afterward. I don’t want to make any drastic decisions yet.

If you have any advice for me and my bum leg please leave it in the comments!


In happier news, today marks my 2nd weigh in at Weight Watchers and I stuck to the program the whole week. Although I definitely had more challenges with meals out, I dug deep and exercised self-control. I found myself a lot hungrier during week two than week one for some reason, so I used almost all of my weekly points. That said, I earned a lot of exercise points (running at this weight provides a generous calorie burn like that) so I still have a buffer. Hopefully the scale shows that my hard work is paying off!

A couple of people told me that they liked the snack and meal ideas I provided in my last posts so I thought I would share a couple more today.

A filling snack I came up with:

Banana, 1/2 tbsp peanut butter (melted in the microwave for 10-15 secs and then drizzled on top with Crunchmaster Grammy Crisps (definitely a kids food, but adults like them too!) 4 PT snack


Dinner idea: shrimp in a butter garlic sauce, roasted sweet potato fries, and roasted green beans. 7 PTs


Lunch: Grilled cheese with spinach (using light bread and 1 PT string cheese) and a cup of tomato bisque soup – 6 PTs


A light breakfast for those mornings when you just need a little something to get going: banana with 1/2 tbsp peanut butter, cinnamon, and a 2 PT pumpkin spice muffin (which I made using this recipe).



In other news, it is officially cold here! The boots and bubble jacket are back and I could not be happier about it. I know that I am in the minority but I just love winter! I think we are going to have a short fall!

Question: Can you fix my leg?

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Photo Dump Friday: October 18, 2013

It seems as though the majority of my photos are food, fitness, or dog related. My collection of pictures is quickly becoming out of control. So on this Friday I thought I ought to share a couple of my favorite photos of the week that don’t fit into my more traditional posts.


Fruit bowls are a perfect low-point snack!



Egg white scramble with veggies and mozzarella cheese – 4 pts!


I have been trying to cook more for both my guy and I but he tends to like different kinds of foods than me. Monday night I manage to whip up a meal we both enjoyed. Major win!


Sautéed Parmesan chicken, Spanish rice, and roasted vegetables – 8pts!

Gatsby lays in the most awkward positions. We think he is too lazy to hold up his own head when he gets sleepy.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:


Exhibit D:


He also sits directly in front of the TV when he begs for food. Obnoxious, I tell ya.


What a guy!


I lost a point from last week to this week when I put in my new weight! Ugh! This week makes me nervous. I had a great loss the first week (to be expected) but I am afraid I will stall this week because I was so successful last week. I am tracking every single bite so hopefully I will see success at my weigh in on Wednesday.


It’s a step back week this week (which means lower milage overall) so I have been churning out a couple of 3 milers (faster than normal!) and I have 7 on the schedule for tomorrow. Fingers crossed I feel strong!



And finally, I leave your with Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram motivation of the week! <3


Have a great weekend!

Week 1 of Weight Watchers, Marathon Training Update, and Insanity!

I have a lot of thoughts flowing through my head this morning. As it is raining, and therefore dampening my plans to run 3 miles before work (see my pun?!) I figure now is as good of a time as any to check in.

Tonight is my Weight Watchers meeting. It marks 1 week on the program and I have stuck to it to a T. The first three days I had a lot of cravings and struggled with the smaller portion sizes.

It was like my brain wanted me to keep eating (because that’s what I’ve always done) despite being satisfied. I feel like I turned a corner over the weekend and between all the food prep and workouts I’ve been doing I am feeling pretty good. I can’t wait to see what the scale says!


(On the left, 3 PTs worth of cookie cake. On the right, 1 million PTs worth!)

On the marathon training front I am still chugging along. Sunday Josh and I did 10 miles.


The run went well until mile 5 when we got lost, mile 7 when he got a nosebleed, and mile 9-10 which were straight uphill. :) The pattern during this training cycle seems to be great weekday runs followed by a crappy long run. Hopefully that will change as I continue to get stronger.

Speaking of strength, last night my sis, a friend and I all took and Insanity class at the gym. It is based off the videos that were really popular a couple years ago and it was a really tough workout! I was dripping sweat within 10 minutes and loved that the entire class was based off of bodyweight exercises meant to strengthen while getting your heart rate up. The class is an 8-week commitment (1 class per week) that I wasn’t sure I wanted to make with training going on but the instructor encouraged me to sign up as she said it could be a great source of cross-training and could even help me get a bit faster! So now I have a standing Tuesday night commitment!


I can’t remember the last time I felt this content with exactly where I am and what I am doing. When I lived in DC, I constantly found myself striving for more…something better that would bring me internal peace. Moving to Pittsburgh has been an adjustment for sure, but I really believe this is where I am meant to be right now. Working from home is such a blessing, as is spending my days with this guy…


…and for the first time in who knows how long, I am not on a countdown for life. I am just living and being and feel so good about that!

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